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Only the strongest will survive...
16th-Feb-2013 02:01 pm - ...

Food is, essentially, the most important thing to human (and animal) life. I mean, air and water are important, but in the modern era, if we are talking about necessities, people would rather be naked than starve. Obviously.
But it's also amazing what effect food has on our society. I feel like I have had a very unique and wholesome experience with food despite being so young. I have gone from being a meat lover to a vegetarian, even vegan. I have eaten the worst of foods up to the most nutritious.

It's so interesting and surreal to me to think that at one time we ate McDonald's and went to Sheetz, to restaurants, got pizza. I mean at one point we spent a lot of nights eating take out food. Unfortunately even the things in our fridge were unhealthy.
In college, we worked at the college cafeterias. Ruka became heavier than ever at nearly 150 pounds. I gained weight too but surprisingly wasn't at my heaviest. We ate tons and tons of carbs, cheese, meat, soda. Dessert constantly. Oh my god.
Then we moved to the roach motel and decided we needed to eat better and do more. Surprisingly I did lose a little weight and Ruka definitely did. But the thing was, our idea of healthy was definitely not healthy. And we were eating somewhere a lot.
Then, we moved here to the townhouse and at first we were the same. Then last year I got serious and decided I was sick of being fat. I decided that even if I had something wrong with me, I would do it.

It's still a work in progress but I have reformed my eating. This year I will reach my goal. But it is interesting to me to reflect on the effect food has had on my body.
When I decided to get smart, I realized I was making a ton of excuses for being fat. I thought I had PCOS, or a broken thyroid, or a terrible metabolism. These are all excuses I have seen dozens of times. I needed to learn to quit blaming other factors that I didn't know existed for sure, and start blaming myself.
Weight loss is all about calories in and calories out, but also eating right. I did definitely have a hormone problem. My body is very sensitive to processed foods, it seems. But when I stopped eating those foods and tracking my calories, my symptoms improved dramatically. I felt much happier, more energetic, and the weight pretty much fell off.
Processed foods are basically the reason so many people are obese. Not only are they high in calories for what they are, but they contain excessive sugar, bad fats, and a host of mystery ingredients and chemicals, not to mention wheat or processed corn.
On my body, I have seen the effect processed food has. Wheat and sugar are addictive. They literally trick your mind into wanting more. This is definitely true for me. Not only this, but they bloat me and make it hard for me to lose weight.
Cutting them out was perhaps the best decision I made, but Rome wasn't built in an egg (;D). At the moment, I am still getting over the holidays. We ate way too much and really unhealthily. We came away asking ourselves how we ever ate like that all the time! It was ridiculous and it didn't feel good. So after, my body is fighting me because I allowed myself those addictive things. It's been very hard to get back into eating more veggies.
But it does go to show, those foods clearly have an effect on the mental state. They make natural, raw foods seem unappetizing. They clearly have an effect on the body.

So the bottom line is. Food is important. Given the power it has over your health, your well being, and even hormones, why waste time eating junk? I can't imagine going back. Each time we eat something that isn't great for us, I am reminded that I have come to prefer clean, healthy eating.

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10th-Jul-2012 02:41 pm - Sailor Moon Doujinshi for sale!!

x-Posting to SeraSell. I just can never manage to remember shout-outs until I'm halfway through scanning... -.-

RULES: - I ship from 26039 in the US and I use paypal shipping, so ALL ORDERS will have delivery confirmation unless they are outside of the US. All orders will go media mail, which is cheaper for buyer and seller. :)
- Shipping starts at $1 per book and is 50 cents for each book after the first one. Anything paid for before Friday will be shipped Friday, and I try to ship within one day.
- Paypal only. Gift payments are at your own risk, though they are appreciated. I don't charge fees.

- HAGGLE AWAY, PLEASE!! I am out to give deals and see that these books go to great homes!

PLEASE NOTE THAT MOST OF THESE DOUJINSHI ARE HARUKA/MICHIRU-CENTRIC. I will do my best to list what each doujinshi is about, and also the number of pages. I will list if it is hentai or contains nudity or not. Please understand I unfortunately can't read Japanese. I will list the creator as well. None of my doujinshi are cheap photocopies. They are all kept in a smoke-free home away from harm.
Please ask if you need more photos! I don't have a camera right now but I can use my phone, so I'd appreciate if you'd leave an email I can send the photos to :)

TO THE DOUJIN!Collapse )

1. Haruka/Michiru. 20 pages. Haruka must wear girl clothes for some reason. There's also some read from the cathedral incident in S, so Usagi, Eudial, and Pluto are in there. Non-hentai. $4

2. Haruka/Michiru. 10 pages. General hentai. $2

3. Haruka/Michiru, Sera Myu style. 8 pages. Contains some Prince Diamond... dancing. IDK. This is "photocopied" in the sense that I believe it's how they published it. It's good quality. Non-hentai.SOLD

4. Haruka/Michiru. 28 pages. Haruka and Michiru seem to be on vacation. They play a fierce game of ping-pong... There's adorable tiny kitty Ruka... and Michiru shows a street-violinist how to really play and lets her have the proceeds. Non-hentai. $4

5. Haruka/Michiru with random Usagi and Setsuna. 14 pages. Deals with the battle against the calico cat daemon. Non-hentai. $3

6. Haruka/Michiru. 16 pages. For some reason Haruka is Rorouni Kenshin. Non-hentai. $2

7. Haruka/Michiru. 12 pages. Haruka meets a little girl and her mother as she is sunbathing beneath a tree. Then there is child-like Haruka and Michiru. :D Mad Tea Party. Non-hentai. SOLD

8. Haruka/Michiru and inner senshi. 33 pages. In the first part, Haruka forgets to make Michiru go back to her own dorm room and for some reason Michiru wakes up with her face bleeding and starts a fad by wearing a bandage. Makoto races Haruka. The back contains some gorgeous sketches. There is some nudity, but no hentai. SOLD

9. Haruka/Michiru with Starlights, Kakyuu, Pluto, and Saturn. 18 pages. General fun... random character from another anime. Non-hentai. SOLD

10. Haruka/Michiru and the Starlights. 18 pages. Everyone is in super-deformed form, which gives Taiki a huge forehead and seems to give Haruka a weird attraction to Seiya... There is a page of Haruka-nudity in the back, but otherwise no hentai. Funny. SOLD

11. Haruka/Michiru and Elsa Grey. 18 pages. Elsa introduces Haruka to Michiru. There's a few novel pages. Non-hentai. $3

12. Haruka/Michiru, and also Setsuna, Hotaru, Minako and others. 32 pages. General fun with some hentai mixed in, including Minako/Haruka and Michiru/Haruka. Same company as with #10. Slight hentai. $4

13. Haruka/Michiru, and also Setsuna, Minako, and a few others. 24 pages. Same style as above. General fun and some nudity. Haruka speaks to Chibi Sailor Uranus. $4

14. Haruka/Michiru, and also Hotaru, Mamoru, and several others. 20 pages. Same style as above. General fun. Contains the outers' talismans doing naughty things to the Space Sword... Slight hentai. SOLD

15. Haruka/Michiru. 23 pages. Haruka seduces Michiru in the bathroom. Hentai. $2

16. Haruka/Michiru. 10 pages. Michiru seduces Haruka at Christmastime. Hentai. $2

I should note all of the doujinshi are the same size. None are over- or under-sized. :) Again, please ask if you need any more info or photos. I'll do my best to oblige.

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27th-Mar-2012 12:19 pm - ...

And now a rant!

I'm sorry, but it was NOT Xenophobic of me to tell you you shouldn't name your kid some Indian name! But of course then I was wrong for telling you to not be selfish. You probably have a name like Stephanie or Melissa. Names that never get teased. But I know what it's like to have a name that people tease over. And mine is just a surname! Imagine if you named your child something that people can't even pronounce at first glance!
Don't even get me started on name like Heaven and Starflower. GTFO IDIOT PARENT! You aren't thinking about your kid, you're thinking about you! Kids aren't a fashion accessory! Don't give them ridiculous names that someday someone is going to laugh at them for! It ruins lives, especially when you're so small and you have a fragile sense of self.

Also, don't call me ignorant for saying it either! Don't then make two posts trying to humiliate me! I'm not sorry!! Don't give your kid a stupid name no matter how cool you think it is now. Sure, it may be a standard name in India or perhaps it means something like 'brave warrior of the mountains', but if people can't pronounce it or spell it easily, your offspring is going to hate you by the age of 7 for giving them a name people are too lazy/dumb to pronounce!

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It's been so long! But I did a little spring cleaning and I have some H&M merch and doujinshi to sell!! Please see under the cut for pics, rules, and awesomeness. :) <3

Read more...Collapse )
 Hi all! I have some Sailor Moon items for sale, so please come in and take a look! :) Rules and images posted under the cut!

What other foreign languages do you know? Which one(s) do you want to learn?

Je parle francais quelquefois, mais mon langue n'est pas tres bon :x Mais! J'aime le francais et j'aime quand mes amis parle le francais avec moi. :)

Apart from French, I know the tiniest bit of Japanese... a little bit of a lot of languages, actually. Latin is a definite favorite, being the root of many of the languages I know. :)
Which book do you find yourself regularly rereading, and why?

Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause

Seriously, I have read this book like... a dozen times. Eek! It is so good. The writing is awesome but the story is what pulls me in.
I guess I appreciate that it follows wolf pack fundamentals very well. In the end, Vivian follows pack law and fulfills her duty to become an alpha female. It doesn't end in a ridiculous human/wolf love story that totally denies the rules of a pack. I appreciate that and feel that it sets it apart from other books that are essentially Mary Sue daydreams.
12th-Apr-2011 04:47 am - ...
So... some people apparently think that if they do all of this bad shit when they are alive then they will go to Heaven as long as they repent before they die? :/ I mean, really?
So, by that logic, then someone who lives a pretty good life and does a few stupid little things wrong, but fails to repent for whatever reason... they will be sent to Hell without question? But that other person who probably did a ton wrong yet is cocky enough to think they deserve to get into Heaven despite this can just pray it away?

Person: I am so sorry, God, for sinning in my lifetime despite that I did all of these things willingly and in full knowledge that they were wrong. I repent and give up my evil ways.
God: Oh! K! To Heaven with you!

*rolls eyes forever*

Actually, by the logic of the Bible you're a sinner even if you don't know you're sinning. *shrug*
1st-Apr-2011 01:46 am - Also

1st-Apr-2011 12:52 am - ...
I hate April Fools. I think it's the one day of the year I literally dread. :/ It's not funny, it's not a day to let go. No. It's annoying, it's ridiculous, and it's rude.

Also, this:

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